I've seen other Coaches and Consultants online. Why Work With You?

In a market flooded with career coaching and consultancy services, what sets this business apart is not just Melissa's extensive background in Employment Law and HR best practices, but her unique ability to unravel the closely guarded secrets of HR departments to drive professional success.

Melissa and her team are well positioned as empathetic guides for individuals, small businesses and charities navigating the complexities of employment law, best practice and the corporate world, and can provide the tools to steer them in the right direction.

I Want To Proceed - What's Next?

Over the years, Melissa and her team have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise that they are dedicated to sharing to clients far and wide. If you are interested in working with us, drop us a mail in the contact box below.

We will set up an obligation-free Discovery Call to get a better understanding of your situation, and if and how Stone Executive Consulting might be able to support you or your business.

Once we agree the best services or packages that suit your needs, you will receive a detailed proposal the timeline of our service delivery, agreed fees, method of payment, and terms of engagement.

Note that all services are provided virtually, online and we do not generally attend in-person appointments.

What Support Can I Expert?

It’s important that our clients feel that we have a genuine, vested interest in their success long term. From career transformation programs and growth mindset coaching, to achieving corporate goals set by SMEs and Charities as these align to the organisation values and strategic plans, our goal is to empower our clients to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

We also frequently tap into our extensive network of contacts to establish strategic alliances and partnerships with experts in their area should additional services be required. This includes mediation, human capital management, employment law, payroll and financial planning, training and development, diversity and inclusion, and more.

Melissa Stone is particularly proud of the advocacy, support and guidance she provides to females seeking to break through glass ceilings and achieve the career success they want and deserve, as well as to her many clients within the charity sector in Ireland - genuinely reflecting her very real commitment to equal opportunities, female empowerment, and social responsibility.

I'm not based in Ireland. Can you still help?

Melissa's time in various HR leadership and executive coaching roles internationally, working with corporates across the UK, Australasia, Ireland, Paris, Spain, USA, Canada and the UAE, reflects a commitment to excellence that truly transcends geographical boundaries.

While HR Consulting and Support is limited to Charities and Small Businesses in Ireland, Melissa brings a global perspective to organisations and corporate professionals worldwide in Employee Engagement Surveys, and through her Executive Career Coaching services.